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PostSubject: Sodaguy08cp Forums Rule   Sodaguy08cp Forums Rule Empty2/16/2010, 9:10 pm

1. No spamming
Spamming is just random nonsense that doesn't relate to the topic EXAMPLE: sdfjeiowjroiwjeroij OR just simply an emoticon EXAMPLE:

2. No cursing/swearing
Please no swearing, these forums are not for adults when you can curse. If you want to swear, keep it out of your posts at least.

3. No inappropriate discussion/images
Don't post anything that contains adult material/language. This results in a PERMA-BAN.

4. No advertising
We do not tolerate advertising in the posts, UNLESS, you are posting in the Advertising forum and/or advertising in your signature, but we still do not allow advertising in your posts. Unless its a Youtube Video. BUT!! Only if the youtube video Embed doesnt work

5. No flaming/arguing with another User/Popularity Contests
Please don't argue with another user, or flame with them. This also goes for being rude to the staff members as well.

6. No backseat moderating (BSM/Backseat Modding)
Please don't tell a moderator what to do as: "Please lock this post." "Spamming. Reported."
Just report the post and a moderator or administrator will check it.

7. No double posting
Please don't double post, if you want to post twice, edit the first post you made, or wait until someone replies to the thread you posted in.

8. No H@cking Discussion
DO NOT post anything about h@cking discussion, or post any links to third party websites or programs. This results in a PERMA-BAN and IP ban. This also includes password sharing.

9. No asking to be Mod/Trainee/Admin
PM'ing a staff member, or asking in a post to become one will ruin your chances of becoming part of the staff. If we think you're good enough for the job, we'll PM you regarding it.

10. Searching for Stickies and Announcements
Usually, most questions are asked for things that are stickied or made as an announcement. You can use the "Search" Button at the top, or any similar keywords. Maybe you could get a solution to your problem there! Reading stickies and announcements in forums help you tremendously and keeps you from breaking the rules.

11. Dont post anymore on a question that has already been answered or else one of the staff member will delete that post

12. No Multi Account. We will find you and your other account will be BANNED and will get password changed

If you have any other questions, Please PM any staff member
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Sodaguy08cp Forums Rule
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